Found this old family photo 

Got inspired to include myself at least in feel and in the “look”

What do you guys think?



When you can’t make sense of things, it’s time to go some place really high up and zoom out to see the bigger picture. The world is huge, there’s no need to feel walled-in.

Took this photo from the roof top of a building in 90 Sands Street in New York. I can stay here forever.


Help Yourself

“We struggled mightily against these truths, fought with every ounce of strength. We lost our fight. We have accepted what we wished was not true. My learning is: until you understand the truth you cannot find peace within yourself.”
We all go through difficult times and we all experience disappointments. I learned that it’s best to know how to comfort and soothe oneself. When I need to find some inner peace I usually sneak off quietly to relax in some of my favorite places outside the city.


Thirdwheeler, Photographer

Love is in the air! Lately, I’ve found myself chaperoning more times than I can say lebensabschnittspartner. I am so into it! I’ve noticed that I shoot differently when I care about the subjects in a more personal way. These photos were taken a few months ago, and who knows what will happen in the future, but having these moments captured reminds me that life is beautiful and the most wonderful things can happen anytime.

I knew it was beautiful, but knowing it was beautiful and caring about it are two very different things.